Six fifty-five of the second of four; A letter to yourself

Dear Self,

I’m not sure how to leave this behind, enough for you to always remember. There is no permanent sticky notes, or markers – they can still fade, apparently, and phone reminders can still fail to alarm on days you finally forgot to charge your battery.
But please keep in mind how everything around you right now means something, and is of purpose. Without any of it, things will seem incomplete. Unfinished. Wrong. Dysfunctional. Total chaos. And they may be temporary, but still are of value. Big or small. And all I’m trying to say is that you are more than enough.
Please never forget that you matter.
You have to stop putting yourself in a low place where you’ve never even been to. No one should even be there. More so volunteering yourself to succumb in so much negativity. You have to stop feeling bad about feeling, and showing your emotions. You have to stop keeping everything inside until it gets hard to breathe and your head starts to hurt until you break down in tears. But it doesn’t mean you have to apologize for crying.
You have to stop questioning yourself. You have to stop comparing yourself with anyone else, or believing other people when they do it. You have to stop putting so much doubt in yourself when you’re actually so good in encouraging other people – please, do it to yourself this time. Stop letting yourself down when you’re actually on your way to so, so much more.
You have to stop punishing yourself because of things that are out of your control. They are meant to happen and they may not be how you wish or planned them to go, but it is fated. You have to stop blaming yourself.
Please never stop learning to love yourself.
And while we’re at it, never stop learning to live. Allow yourself to grow. Allow yourself to keep on learning how to look at things, always, on a positive note. Always learn to give, to forgive, to embrace change, and to never settle. Always see things as something you do for other people, and to yourself. It always goes both ways. There’s always something to get from everything.
And this letter can go on and on but it only points out to one simple thing you keep purposely neglecting – you are enough. Stop letting anything or anyone invalidate your worth, because it will never be invalid.
Please, always remember this, most especially on days you feel like you need to be reminded. Give yourself a favor, and remember this.

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