Compilation of notes people remind you with

We all question ourselves at times. This is not a curse to a certain person or a chosen generation, and I know that it’s never easy to deal with. 

And we try. We always try to find a way to lift our spirits high enough to at least get by, if not feel genuinely contented. But there will be times that you’ll feel that you can’t take it on your own. That whatever you do is just not enough, and it only makes it worse.

And between all the chaos and unending sinking feeling, we are given those who reminds us of who we really are and our value that we often forget or see as nonexistent. I think, for one, that I am given an equal amount of these precious creations, to how much I often doubt myself.

I have saved their notes, lectures, and reminders. And while I may have accidentally deleted the screenshots or have hidden them in folders I can’t remember what name, and my memory failing me yet again for forgetting the exact words- I have kept them, for future reference, and for when my emotions decide to mess up with me.

Here are a few of those that, hopefully, is also what others need to be reminded of. This is for those who needs to get by as well. (P.S. Technically, I am committing plagiarism in this post because I wont be crediting those who’ve told them and I’m already apologizing. But let’s just decide to agree that it’s better this way. Also, I am placing my own for those who needs it.)

“You are stronger than you think”. (My instant up-lifter and go-to reminder), and the pat on the back to be stronger than your fears, to fight for what you want, to pursue your dreams, and to always believe in yourself.

“There is someone like you who never fails to understand”. And when you’re in that situation where you seem to be failing on this, always, always, try the hardest to do so. A lot of things eventually gets better when people allow themselves to understand.

“You never fail to bring others to light”. I think this is one of the best compliments I or anyone would want to hear. Bringing someone on a better note is enough comfort and a reminder that you’re doing something good.

“Stay away from people who drain you and complicate your life. People will never cross the ocean for you, and not because you’re not worth it but because they’re not”. People will come and go, so they say. And there will be a lot of them out there. But try not to cling on them so much. You survived without them, and you will again, if they ever plan on leaving. You don’t need to dwell on the losing.

“You’re not a stop-over, or for spare time, or because you’re convenient to them. You are a destination”. As much as it’s easier to find temporary happiness when you put your standards down, I guess it’s enough reason not to because, why would you settle for something less? You should never settle on convenient or comfortable alone. You’re more than that and you know it.

“Keep your heart as genuine as it already is. Not everyone has a heart who can love like that”. It’s amazing how I’ve been told of this a couple of times from different people, and it is truly overwhelming. At first it confused me how they define a genuine heart, but I guess it’s when, despite every heartache and loss, one can still love as it did the first time; not the same way, but simply whole.

“Allow yourself to accept that you’re worth it”. You don’t pull yourself down. The world is cruel enough to even be cruel to yourself. Your life isn’t a sample test. You have a purpose and every life is made worth of something. Something big.

“You are not your mistakes, more so your flaws”. Never, ever, see yourself as a product of your mistakes and flaws. They are the product of our doing, but it doesn’t mean that they already describe our whole being. And every mistake, and flaws, and what have you, is always a step closer to something great.

“You’re allowed to feel.” Don’t ever let anything or anyone make you feel that your feelings are invalid or that you shouldn’t be feeling them. No one can ever compare their feelings to anyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to feel happy, or sad, or even angry. Keeping it inside will only make it worse.

I admit on being one who’s not always okay or on a happy note, but I’m okay as long as I always have that want to feel better. And although they say that words are just words, I believe they’re powerful enough to change something, and I’m one of those who will take advantage of that, as long as I can.

Have a full and happy heart, you guys!


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