Nine forty-seven of the seventh of four; Love stamps

A thing or two that I can say about love, is that you don’t need to be reminded of how the person looks like, or how they feel.

How they smell, which you can never find at any store or a scent created by some brand.

The way their laugh sounds like to a joke, is different with how it is to an embarrassing thing they did.

How excited lights up and how upset weighs.

Love never needs time stamps, or post its. Those pictures are for show off, or as a vague title to a moment you both can story-tell in an instant.

Love never needs to be reminded, because it never wears off. It does not break. It doesn’t get Alzheimer’s and forgets to take a medicine to feel better.

Love will always feel best, even with memories passed by and can no longer do again.

Love is not a poem you hear, and would only remember a line or two.

Or a song you had a last song syndrome with because you swore it was so on point, but had forgotten now how it felt at that time.

Your love is not an abstract painting you let the person lean on their own understanding alone.

Love is not a withering leaf from your favorite tree that falls off after seasons that it had witnessed and grew on.

And although you may not remember the number you always feel the need to call, or the length of their hair you like getting your fingers tangled on, love does not need to be reminded of.

Love, is what makes life worth living for.



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