Eleven of the tenth of four; To The Broken Ones

It’s funny how life appears to be something that kills us
but I’d like to point out that there is beauty in it all.

And while you see yourself as someone who’s in pieces
I’d like to make you believe you are more than words men created.
You don’t need to apologize for breaking, because there’s nothing wrong with being brave.
You shouldn’t be ashamed for being unable to control your emotions to pour out, because darling,
you are at your truest and prettiest when you cry.
There is nothing wrong with being afraid of the dark, because then, you wouldn’t find it in you to ignite.
You are never stupid for wanting to try, one last time, to another one last time.
And while you find no one to hold on to, chin up for having the will to keep the courage within you.
Thank you for not settling on being how people try to leave you as.
Thank you for standing up, each time they try to pull you down.
Thank you for the moments you were almost on the edge, but chose not to jump off just because things were hard.
Thank you for always trying to be strong when things were falling apart.
And as I’ve been on the same road, this is what I learned.
I’ve learned that broken doesn’t mean you’re supposed to stop living.
I’ve learned that being dysfunctional is only ugly when you keep doing nothing.
I’ve learned that bruises and burns only meant you were never really broken,
because you were too strong to even shatter.

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