Five fifty-six of the twenty-second of two; To you who can’t find the courage

If you ever dream of being able to fly, then by all means, be a dove

If you ever feel like you’re a wave wanting to conquer every continent, then crash yourself to every shore you please

You are not made for stopping on limits, or settling for what’s there

Most of all, you are not meant to let yourself die.

Your dreams may appear shallow or blurred to some

You may even think it’s vague at the moment

but don’t let anything cloud your mind

don’t even blink at the thought of being invalid

because you’re meant to live the life you believe in

you’re meant to be who you believe you are

Don’t let anything or anyone change your goals

don’t let anything or anyone change you.

Because one of the worst things that could happen to anyone is to live for something that makes you feel dead, or someone else.

So I ask you to do this for yourself, and not for anyone else

Disregard them on this part

you are not being selfish.

Be who you want to be, and do what you want to do.

You are a gem as who you are right now.

Don’t lose your shine.

Not everyone gets to keep theirs alive.


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