Twelve Forty Five of the tenth of two; A constellation of two

Things happen for a reason

There are thin-thread of unique and different purpose why we come across the people in our lives.

There are those who will leave as much mark as how far you’ve gone with them, and those you may have forgotten what or why, but the person, you will never get to remove from your mind.

But what turns out as a fact, is that we are not a coincidence.

There must be some kind of a magical reason and twisted fate that we may never be able to decipher, but we were made for each other.

We’re probably where we still can’t say if we may or may not be meant to be together, but my love, we can’t deny how we’ve become as one.

Without even forcing the universe to stitch us with who makes being, albeit just two separately whole stars, form a constellation that can last and break reported breakthroughs from decades that had passed.


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