For my support system

For someone who loves to write, I’m one who always has a problem with ending my posts.

Because I am never good with goodbyes, or having the need to leave something behind, or end them.

I never liked the feeling of being the first one to leave, or to let go. But it’s something I should be brave enough to do.


I can’t say “finally”, because I know to myself that this is not the time I actually planned on. But deadlines are never pretty, and this, I guess, is its fated timeline.

This may come as a shock to many because out of all, I’m practically one of the few who doesn’t have the plan of leaving (soon), being the overly attached person and someone who just doesn’t back down despite series of unfortunate events (literally and figuratively).

I’ve asked God about this. There’s this one time I questioned myself with where I am now, and He answered. Quite too soon than I’ve expected, that I am honestly going to do it halfheartedly.

Maybe I’ve been in-denial of the fact that things are not fair to my worth. Maybe I’m just really sticking because of the people I’ve come to love. Maybe I’m just scared to move forward.

As I’ve said on an old post,

“But as much as you consider a person as your home, it also has the potential of leaving. And people may tell you that home is the only thing you’ll always have, but maybe they’re wrong.

Maybe home was never meant to stay. Maybe home can become something you can never get a hold of.”

— But maybe, we’re the one who needs to leave home after all.

2 years of having this home has been truly wonderful, and how much of who I am now, I’m thanking everyone and everything for.


For my support system,

I owe everything to you, guys. God knows how many times you’ve been my solid ground and reason to brave all I’ve gone through.

Thank you for always reminding me to never lose my passion. Thank you for always holding me down when things get a little rough and I feel like I’m changing into something I’m not.

Thank you, thank you for sticking with me and accepting my set of waves. 


I will be leaving my home soon, but I hope I wont lose it even if I don’t get to always see you.


~ Kristel


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