Eleven fifty of the twenty-fifth of seven; You are not someone I know

Maybe you are not just someone I know

Maybe you are the lump in my throat when I’m asked what or who I’ve been thinking of

Maybe you are the pause in every love song I listen to and that last phrase that says everything whether it’s heartbreaking or overwhelming

Maybe you are that first blink after the long good sleep

And the first sip of coffee that doesn’t cause any burn because it’s just the right amount of hot and cold

Maybe you are the every clicking sound of the clock on each passing second

Maybe you are the thought my dreamcatcher just never seem to get a grip on because if then, you wouldn’t always be in my dreams

Maybe you are the peeking beam of light every time I watch the sun rise and when the sun sets

that gives me the feeling of anticipation for a new beginning and a hope for no soon ending, if not none at all.

Maybe you are not just someone I came to know, have known, and knew.

Maybe you’ve grown in me so much that you turned into every single thing that at first, you may think, isn’t much of importance,

but without, will not make sense at all.



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