Garden tools

You plant parts of you in someone’s garden
Not knowing they’re already occupied by roses with thorns that ruins your hands once you get pass them
You bleed, but you try not to scream or yell, or cry

Instead you hide them at your back, while you slowly wipe the blood from your trembling fingers

And you squeeze your fist to try and make it stop

Because who told you to plant there in the first place?

Have you been blind the moment you stepped into that front yard?

Or were you too distracted by the promising space you were allured to lie on?

But then again, no one asked you to.

So you can’t blame the man for the pain he had cause you

He showed you what he has, but he didn’t offer

He let you in, but he didn’t make you stay

He touched you delicately like his own, but he didn’t hold you to already call you his

You say you’ve been tricked, trapped, and messed the hell up

But you can never trust words alone, nor can you rely on actions alone

So no, my love, your mistake is your mistake alone

You believed, and you forced yourself in

But like what they say

Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should


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