Five things for the ‘baby’ friend

Ever have that one friend who acts like the little kid in your group? That friend that tests your patience so much, but, try as you may on figuring out the reason why, you just end up understanding them and doing a lot of compromising for.

This is my birthday/advice letter for our friend who became the “baby boy” of the group.


Five things for the boy we can’t just seem to leave behind, not because we don’t have a choice, but simply because he matters.

First, thank you.

Thank you for having me as one of the first few friends you came to trust. Thank you for not getting tired of having even the worst jokes because at least, it makes us laugh when we’re all stressed out. Thank you for being the one to catch me at my most vulnerable and most wasted (so far) moments. Thank you for always trying to talk me out of giving up. Thank you for not letting our friendship fall off.

Second, stand up.

No matter how many times you’ve fallen down and felt like nothing is going right, stand up and be the one to fix things- and make things right. Don’t let anything in this world eat you alive. Don’t let anything make you feel less of yourself because remember that you are here for reasons beyond what you’re telling yourself right now. Stand up, slowly leave being a boy and start being a man. No one said they stopped enjoying their lives by growing up. Maturity doesn’t mean you’re required to forget how to enjoy.

Third, don’t rush.

Don’t rush with making decisions. Take your time. Don’t stress yourself with the things that you want to achieve and still can’t have at the moment. It’ll come, as long as you keep pushing through with it and if it’s really meant for you.

Don’t rush falling in love. If it doesn’t work out the first time, don’t force it in any way. You’ll know when it’s the right time to fight for something, or someone. Don’t rush moving on. You’d have to go through a process, just like everybody else, so don’t feel like the whole world’s crashing down on you. You’re not the only one who gets hurt. Learn to accept things as they come, learn to accept things as they leave. 

Fourth, hang in there.

Remember you telling me that it’s all part of the job? I believed you, because I know it’s the same for you. So whenever you tell us you’re quitting, it gets a little more disappointing than it should.

You’re probably feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s happening for you right now, and it’s normal. Being ahead of you (in terms of work and heartbreaks), we’ve been there and we know how it feels. You don’t have to keep it to yourself, more so let it run your life. Your feelings shouldn’t define you. Learn to hold them, but not so much. Let it sink in, but don’t let it stay.

If you’re still not quite sure with what you really want or where you want to be, again, take your time. Enjoy and try things as they come, but don’t give up, just yet. Don’t let difficulties be the reason why you’re leaving something you’ve so far built. Don’t let people dictate on what you should do. If this is what you really want and your family doesn’t like what you’re doing, ignore their comments for a while and show them how you’re growing. They will understand, sooner or later. But again, if you’re still not sure, take your time. Run free. Find yourself.

Fifth, happy birthday.

I may no longer be as ‘clingy’ as I’ve been with you before, but always remember what I’ve told you- that I’m here for you. To knock some sense out of you even if it means hurting your ego, or, even to literally hurt you. To catch you whenever you need help, the way you’ve done the same for me when I needed it the most. Although I may lack the sense of being “sweet” or that I may come out a little too straightforward, know that it’s only because I love you as a friend, colleague, and of course, our “bebe boy”.




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