A maid of honor’s speech

Last April 25, 2015, my sister finally got her fairy tale come true and got married to the man she’s been praying for. Since last year after the proposal, I was already told to be the maid of honor. It was both an honor, and something I didn’t want but had no choice. I didn’t want to be one because I don’t like talking in public, more so talk about ‘feelings’ or wishes for them. But at the end of the day, there I was, talking in front of everyone, trying so hard not to choke on the words that might lead to tears that I would fail to hold back.

I didn’t cry when it was finally my turn because 1) I wrote my speech so I just read it, and 2) 3 glasses of black label.

So anyway, just want to post my speech of feels.


First off, I’d like to congratulate the newly wed, Ate Bam and Kuya Pao. This wedding feels like it has more budget than the events we’ve done.

Yes, I prepared for this speech and I’m just going to read it if you still want to understand me because I’m sure that if I give a spontaneous one, I’ll end up having an ugly cry.

Ate and I were never the perfect sisters. There were always petty fights, misunderstandings and we never really talk that much since we don’t have a lot in common. My favourite is when we argue about using each other’s things without asking for permission. There was even a time when she got so mad because I used her earrings (unintentionally because I really thought it was mine, just to be clear) and out of frustration she told me “baka gusto mong gamitin pati un engagement ring ko na din”. I wanted to reply “okay, thanks” but that would’ve made it worse. We’re not the perfect sisters, but I could never thank God enough for giving me Ate Bam as my sister. I will always admire how she gracefully carries herself despite all the struggles she’d gone through so far, how she stays grounded even with all that she had achieved, and for always putting family first in her list. Ate has always been the heart of the family. She’d always make sure that we’re all okay and that she would always try to catch up on everyone despite her busy and toxic schedule in the hospital. I guess that’s why even her patient’s like her so much, because she treats them like family, and that she always puts her heart into what she’s doing.

Having such a beautiful face and a kind heart (kahit mataray), of course she had a lot of suitors. When they visit her in the house, kuya and I would always make her suitors feel uncomfortable and unwanted. As younger siblings, of course we were always there to protect our “precious”. Eventually we weren’t there when Kuya Pao first went to the house, and apparently even on his second time. That should already be alarming, he isn’t completely welcome yet until he gets pass us. But all the guarding wasn’t necessary, when I came to know Kuya Pao. He actually was even able to make me laugh right away and unintentionally, so that’s already something. And I will forever be amazed with Kuya Pao’s effort. With how he would always visit despite having ate sleep the entire time he’s there, and with handling ate’s temper and ‘topak’. You may say he’s just blessed with a limitless patience, I say it’s love. I knew, by the way he peacefully looks at her in such a random moment, and by the way he carefully yet firmly holds her hand, that he’s the knight made for our princess. They didn’t need a lot of time to build their relationship; they just blended perfectly and quick. After all the knights in shining aluminium foil, the one in an armor with a golden heart finally arrived.

I’ve always been a fan of amazing love stories, and seeing it upfront with Ate and Kuya Pao, I cannot be more than happy. When you look at them, there’s no doubt that God blessed them with each other and with the love that is more than what they’ve been both praying for.

I don’t know if I’m in the right position to give advice, but just to end this speech, I’ll give it a shot. After this day, you’re officially as one. There will be challenges that may shake you, but always remember that you have each other to make each other strong. No matter how hard it’s going to be, always make a way to save your ship. Always remember and find a way to make the love that you have now, grow brighter than it already is, to the coming years as husband and wife.

P.S. When encountering misunderstandings, always be the better person: let the woman win. When deciding for each other, again, let the woman win. Kuya Pao, as you’ve always been welcome to the family, today, it’s official.


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