You need time for yourself

So far, what I realized I, or we, need in life is time for ourselves.

Never compromise the time you need for yourself for something else. “This is more important. I can have my time for myself some other day then I can just double it”. That shouldn’t work that way.

At some point, you might think it’s being selfish or arrogant. But really, it isn’t. It’s being fair and having your life in balance.

You need time to think. Maybe it’s just me but it’s really difficult to think things through when you’re with someone else, more so if you’re with a bunch. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my friends, but I also need time alone, especially when I need to decide or reflect on something. I mean, this is basic time that people should automatically know already. You may need the opinion of others with some situations, but the last say should only come from you and without any bias from the pieces of advice you get.

You need time to rest. You spend most of your time in the office or on trips with your friends, and surrounded by so many random people. Isn’t that a little too overwhelming to not want your own time? We might not notice it right away or maybe there’s not much difference, but we’re completely different around others and when we are on our own, and sometimes, you gotta give that “outside” persona a break, and give your “inside” person his/her time. You have your right to feel tired, to cry your stress out, or to feel angry about something you did or didn’t do. It’s always refreshing to have a real rest for yourself, I promise.

Also, you need time to rest your heart. Should I say more? Yes? Okay. When you’ve just gone from a recent break up, or loss, or what have you that breaks your heart even a tiny bit, give your heart a break (Demi Lovato reference like whuuut). Yes, we are all, and always, looking for something to inspire us. But it’s not bad to rest your big fragile heart from all the worries and pain after all it has gone through. Don’t rush into something to pump it up. It’s okay.

You need time to love yourself. Do what you want to do (of course, nothing that’ll put you or someone in trouble). Buy something you really want, eat whatever you’re craving for, and learn to appreciate yourself. Don’t torture or deprive yourself of something (again, that’s not bad for you) that you want and need. Go for a job you want, and not something other people want for you, or solely because of the income you’ll get. Don’t worry about money too much because it’ll get frustrating when you spend so much time and energy for something so temporary. Just, don’t make it your top priority. If you love to sing or dance while working or while panicking over your work, by all means do it. Don’t let stress eat you up and control you. It does help lessen the stress when you sing. (or eat, of course) If you feel like eating a whole bar of chocolate or steak for dinner, eat it. So what if you gain 5 pounds in a week?

Do something for yourself, no matter what people might say or think. They wont be the one thinking about it and regretting not doing it. Always put yourself first. It wouldn’t be fair, or even wholly real doing or giving something you haven’t given yourself first. How can you love someone so much if you don’t even love yourself? How can you offer help, if you haven’t picked yourself up just yet? How can you be strong for someone and back them up, if you haven’t been strong and brave for yourself?


I used to deprive myself the time I needed, and all it did was exhaust me and make me feel like there’s no point in doing the things that I do. Every day, nothing excites me anymore and I feel like everything just goes to waste. I actually can’t remember what made me stop and think about it, but what I know is that I just really felt the need to have time for myself. Do you always tweet “I need break from everything”? I used to, and so, I did give myself that break. And I know that it was, and still is the best favor you can do for yourself.


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