One of the thirtieth of three

There was once a boy I met and came to know

Not much of an adventurer, but I know how he loved the thrill of doing things for the first time

the things that are of simplest joy and pleasure

the things he saw was acceptable to many despite them being vices or a waste of time and money

but he carried himself well and with confidence

a little too naive at times, but mostly brave.

That’s when I learned to appreciate this boy I know

he is all I was, before I merged myself with the world

he is all I wish I could go back to.

But yes, he is a boy.

A boy who can’t give himself to anyone

because he’s not even sure of who he is yet

a boy who enjoys his life, but is terrified to face anything that gets him too involved

one who can’t identify nor get a hold of his feelings.

You can love him from afar

but loving him closely will shatter the boy I love.


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