1:23AM – My kind of perfect

I’m not aiming for everyone’s perfect.

The sweet, sweep-me-off-of-my-feet or head-over-heels type. Not the “give me everything I want and you’ll have all of me, so the guy gives everything” kind of relationship.

My kind of perfect is when people get confused if you’re just friends or something more. They can’t determine it right away, but it doesn’t bother them because you’re just too adorable together.

How you can get all mean, but you both know where the limit is. You also don’t praise each other so much, but how one adores the other is already evident just by the way you both look at each other.

How you can act like you don’t care about every single detail each other does, but you do. And that’s just how you both are. You don’t need words or screaming actions to show you care about each other. A glance or a wink is enough assurance.

You both can get totally insane, but it doesn’t scare you or make you confused. It only makes your relationship stronger because you’re both comfortable around each other. That you both feel at home.

The mushy (but not so much, even) is all just for the two of you. Your private time together doesn’t even need to be grand. Your silence, doing nothing but just being together is intimate enough to need anything at all.

I want the kind where you both know something’s up just by that 2-second hesitation after asking how they’ve been. Or how your short silence disturbs them. But you both know when to talk about it or not. And you both know just what to say. Not too much, or less. Just right.

And there’s no dull moment together. Both your spontaneity just rages out when you’re together because you know, you can both be who you are around each other. And you just don’t want to stop. You don’t want to stop hearing them laugh, or talk about your crazy ideas or what have you.

Most of all, I want it to be completely mutual in all aspects.

How you both want each other to grow. Feel as much love as you’re getting. How you both want to compromise and do something when challenges come by. How one should talk and the other should listen- and then switch places. How both should consider each other’s side and try to understand and be understood.

And these things shouldn’t even be talked about or pointed out. You just both want it. You just want this relationship to work and last.

I just want the crazy and weird.

That’s my kind of perfect.



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