Three twenty-one of the twenty sixth of nine

There’s something with the way your skin brushes mine

it isn’t something divine, out of this world, or wild,

but I’m sure it’s something I’d like to feel from time to time.

The way the sunlight warms the surface of my arms

but not the kind that burns,

the kind that feels just right.

There’s something about your laugh I can’t seem to describe

it’s not annoying, or too loud,

but I’m sure it’s what I need to hear at times.

It’s a little like a lullaby

it’s just that it doesn’t make me want to sleep,

I’d rather stay up all night just listening to it.

But the comfort, that’s what I feel the most

like the way you snuggle in your bed at night,

hugging and feeling the cold parts of your pillow.

But just to be frank,

I’d rather have you,

than all of that.

Because there’s something about you, the right words I can’t seem to find

and there’s something with the way you make me feel that I may never understand

but this something,

is all I want.

this something,

I’d like right here, right now.


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